Saturday, November 13, 2010

Working with PBL website

I got through quite a bit of the personalizing.  First though, I made a hotlink on this blog to the other wikisite.  I had thought I had made the link in my web page.  It turns out I hadn't yet saved it, but the website remembered my edit.  So that was easy enough.  You make the link in the Blog the same way you do on the Google website.

Then I made my short announcement, did the contact me page and About Me.  That last page was a little time consuming.  I had to decide what to include and what not to include.  It is good to once and a while review your accomplishments.
I did the extra credit page and added a comment feature.  That was under settings in "more actions".  The how to sections are very helpful and easy to manage.  I also did the forms and docs, reading list and links though I need to add more stuff on all of those areas.

I did the poll question.  That was a bit harder to manipulate.  I did a template and wasn't sure if it was applied.  I found a place to edit questions but then didn't know how to get back to it.  I had to totally leave it return to make sure everything had been done.  Hopefully Dr. J will take the poll question so that I can see where the answers go or if I am notified.

So I am putting the harder stuff off.  The calendar and ppt link will take more effort.

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