Thursday, December 9, 2010

Final Reflection and finishes

This morning I added lessons and activities to the calendar.  I added homework assignments that covered topics I needed to include but hadn't done a rubric on.  I also added some web links for those assignments.  I reviewed the big ideas I wanted to cover and was able to add when I needed or check them off as already covered. 

Final Reflection:
This was an intense assignment with a wonderful pay-off.  I have a project for the kids to complete designed, manageable and ready to inact.
There were many incremental steps involved.  If you take one at a time, the project can be manageable and thoughtful.  Each step involves attention and hard work.  I had done many technological skills in Professor Jablonski's Ed. Tech class but it was a condensed, rapid fire time frame.  The skills were not cemented in my brain.  Doing some of the skills again, like loading a document or power point to be published on the web or making links or embedding, really makes me feel like I can do this task again and again independently.
I really enjoyed designing the project and watching it grow.  Now all the little pieces are in place though others will be added as deemed necessary.  It is ready to begin though.
When my kids start the project, their assignments are already listed.  The grading criteria is there for parents and students to view.  I will also have lesson plans for 5 weeks, a bonus.
Some of the technology I enjoyed learning about the most included the rubric maker, the educational web site itself and the screencasting.  I think my students will enjoy this unit, think creatively, use technology and communicate with eachother.  Those are my goals and I can see them happening.
This was all extremely useful and worthwhile, though not simple.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

finishing touches

This weekend I uploaded the photoalbum under class pictures.  I had done everything but upload it apparently.
Today I went through each section to see what needed work.  I had to redo my powerpoint link again.
I began adding a bunch of links.  Some are video tutorials, some are websites.  It made me think of the the things I haven't covered, including the temperature changes in the area where the restaurant will be located, and choosing a site.  I was going to include google earth but our district blocks access to that.
I also have some a link for a balance sheet for integer adding and subtracting as well as tutorial.  I included a website about volume of a rectangular prism for finding out how much they will have to cool and heat a room.  This way they can decide on the type of system to get for their restaurant.
I fixed some descriptions in the useful links area.
Still more to do, like the reflection.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


OK I made a screencasting of making a survey with surveymonkey through Camtasia  I scripted, and edited, and produced this file.  I signed up for to  share the file and then put the file in my website and the pBL site links.
What a process!  It was really cool when I was done though.  Adding the arrows or starbursts was neat, as well as cutting out unneeded pauses or mistakes.  I was impressed with the sound quality from my computer.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

screencast NetVibes

This morning a scanned through the last few chapters.  The part on assessment made me pleased with my rubrics but I do want to double check that I am assessing all the big ideas I professed I wanted students to take away from this unit.
I read a little more closely the section in Chapter 6 on screencasting.  I went to the site.  It did not exist in that link but if you searched the site, which it does take you to, the description of Netvibes comes up, which looks like a great way to have students access your stuff and add their own. 
I then went to the Jon Udell blog site and it sounded very different from what we did in class.  So I went to the bmyers blog and that one also talked about Camtasia.  So knowing Dr. Jablonski I figured he wants me to learn something new with this and I better download Camtasia.  I did this.
Then I thought I better plan out what I wanted to screencast with survey monkey.
So I am off to do that.
OK I am downloading my Camtasia.  I wrote up my script for screencasting Survey Monkey.
We will see if I get it done today.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


So first I went to Monkey Survey and figured out how to collect my data.  You sign in and go to analyze results.  You can only look at basic things with the free subscription.  I put that link in my PBL site in Links.
Then I went to Flat Classroom.  I read about the project and looked up their rubrics.  They are really related to creating Wiki pages but they got me in the mood for rubrics.
So then I typed in rubric generator and Rubistar came up.  It is a great site.  They have much previously generated ideas that work for a lot of assignments.  So I created rubrics for scale drawing, spreadsheet, menu, survey/graph, restaurant sign and the presentation.  I had to make up some things that I wanted to include but it was pretty smooth.
My one gripe with this site is that you often have to refresh a page when going from one page to another.  But as long as I warn students that will be fine.  I put links to all of these in my PBL site under forms and docs.  I really like storing my necessary documents on the web rather than my personal computer because then you can access it from anywhere.
I also added a link in my webpage to my rubistar page.
So there went Sunday.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I signed up through Google again, what a useful site!, and it is under more, photos.  I uploaded my sister and laws wedding a little.

Survey Monkey

I created an account and made a survey.  This was useful to see what problems kids might encounter.  Knowing what they are describing as the question type is a question students will have.  Then the link is created and that's pretty easy.  I sent the survey to a few people so I can see how I know results.  I also put the link in my website under project based learning.