Monday, November 8, 2010

Chapter 5 Project Management Strategies

This chapter is making me think about what speakers I might want to find, like a contractor or architect or builder.  I am hoping a parent has one of those jobs.  But even if it is how do I make this person available to all three 7th grade classes.  In my old school we video taped an architect.  I wonder if there is an on-line resource...
I also want to talk to our technology teacher about teaching spreadsheets on Excel so kids can do a computer generated one for the unit if they so choose.

I also already have a calendar on Edline that would work.  I wonder if there is one on the Wikipage?  Also I have a physical erasable calendar that can go in the room.

As far as student teams, I really liked when we allowed the students to group themselves.  As I have mentioned before, in this type of project 15 years ago, some of our most resistant students were the most engaged.  I do like the idea of a contract that all in the group agree to.  I have to think about a firing clause.

On assessment I definitely want to take a look at rubistar.4teachers.og or

I like the idea of monkeysurvey throughout the project to see student's self assessment of where they are at.  I need to ask Cindy about the exact site.

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