Saturday, November 27, 2010

screencast NetVibes

This morning a scanned through the last few chapters.  The part on assessment made me pleased with my rubrics but I do want to double check that I am assessing all the big ideas I professed I wanted students to take away from this unit.
I read a little more closely the section in Chapter 6 on screencasting.  I went to the site.  It did not exist in that link but if you searched the site, which it does take you to, the description of Netvibes comes up, which looks like a great way to have students access your stuff and add their own. 
I then went to the Jon Udell blog site and it sounded very different from what we did in class.  So I went to the bmyers blog and that one also talked about Camtasia.  So knowing Dr. Jablonski I figured he wants me to learn something new with this and I better download Camtasia.  I did this.
Then I thought I better plan out what I wanted to screencast with survey monkey.
So I am off to do that.
OK I am downloading my Camtasia.  I wrote up my script for screencasting Survey Monkey.
We will see if I get it done today.

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