Sunday, November 7, 2010

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Some of this is from pg 57 but I've added objectives and other things. I just don't want to lose work that I edited.  I have also edited the PBL site as Dr. J and I discussed.

Driving Question
How can you create a fabulous restaurant using math skills and enjoy doing it?

Design of Project
Objectives: Students will come up with and use a system that will show expenditure in a restaurant along with profit and make some kind of spreadsheet from their system that will use negative and positive integers.
Students will design a restaurant using a scale map to figure out layout and placement of equipment and furniture.  They will create scale models. 
Students will use area of polygons and circles to figure out flooring.  They will use surface area to figure out paint needs. 
They will use volume to figure out heat/air conditioning needs.
Students will design a sign for their restaurant.
Students will create a menu with prices.
Choose a location and look at variables of this location such as climate, food choice and tourist possibilities.
Students will look at material pricing and costs.

Driving Question
How can you create a fabulous restaurant using math skills and enjoy doing it?

Interdisciplinary connections
If we do a restaurant unit, this would incorporate communication of mathematical ideas as well as communication in general, which is a language arts objective.  There are science and social studies connections when dealing with the location of the restaurant and climate control of the place.  Art and drafting are definite connections when kids design the floor design, furniture placement and sign design.

Realistic and Real Life experience
Students will be creating their own restaurant.  They will analyze what makes sense for location, materials, placement, food.  The will evaluate their choices and that of other groups.

21st century skills

Students will collaborate on designing a restaurant with a group.  They might work with community members to choose a restaurant type.  They may communicate with people on line.  Students will use Google Earth to check out locations, digital photography to photograph possible setups, Google Design or some other design application like Photoshop to make a sign for their restaurant.  They will show information literacy by checking prices for various materials and foods on the internet.

Student Interests and Involvement of Community
I think students will be most engaged with the design and theme of the restaurant.  I also think students will enjoy the authentic aspect of it.  If we have a guest speaker or two, then students will connect this realistically to life after school.

Student Dispositions
I will want to cultivate students attention to organization and remembering the details as well as rechecking for accuracy.  I also want to encourage creativity in student thinking as well as have students strive to create their best work that can carry over to life outside of school.

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