Sunday, November 21, 2010


So first I went to Monkey Survey and figured out how to collect my data.  You sign in and go to analyze results.  You can only look at basic things with the free subscription.  I put that link in my PBL site in Links.
Then I went to Flat Classroom.  I read about the project and looked up their rubrics.  They are really related to creating Wiki pages but they got me in the mood for rubrics.
So then I typed in rubric generator and Rubistar came up.  It is a great site.  They have much previously generated ideas that work for a lot of assignments.  So I created rubrics for scale drawing, spreadsheet, menu, survey/graph, restaurant sign and the presentation.  I had to make up some things that I wanted to include but it was pretty smooth.
My one gripe with this site is that you often have to refresh a page when going from one page to another.  But as long as I warn students that will be fine.  I put links to all of these in my PBL site under forms and docs.  I really like storing my necessary documents on the web rather than my personal computer because then you can access it from anywhere.
I also added a link in my webpage to my rubistar page.
So there went Sunday.

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