Thursday, December 9, 2010

Final Reflection and finishes

This morning I added lessons and activities to the calendar.  I added homework assignments that covered topics I needed to include but hadn't done a rubric on.  I also added some web links for those assignments.  I reviewed the big ideas I wanted to cover and was able to add when I needed or check them off as already covered. 

Final Reflection:
This was an intense assignment with a wonderful pay-off.  I have a project for the kids to complete designed, manageable and ready to inact.
There were many incremental steps involved.  If you take one at a time, the project can be manageable and thoughtful.  Each step involves attention and hard work.  I had done many technological skills in Professor Jablonski's Ed. Tech class but it was a condensed, rapid fire time frame.  The skills were not cemented in my brain.  Doing some of the skills again, like loading a document or power point to be published on the web or making links or embedding, really makes me feel like I can do this task again and again independently.
I really enjoyed designing the project and watching it grow.  Now all the little pieces are in place though others will be added as deemed necessary.  It is ready to begin though.
When my kids start the project, their assignments are already listed.  The grading criteria is there for parents and students to view.  I will also have lesson plans for 5 weeks, a bonus.
Some of the technology I enjoyed learning about the most included the rubric maker, the educational web site itself and the screencasting.  I think my students will enjoy this unit, think creatively, use technology and communicate with eachother.  Those are my goals and I can see them happening.
This was all extremely useful and worthwhile, though not simple.

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