Tuesday, December 7, 2010

finishing touches

This weekend I uploaded the photoalbum under class pictures.  I had done everything but upload it apparently.
Today I went through each section to see what needed work.  I had to redo my powerpoint link again.
I began adding a bunch of links.  Some are video tutorials, some are websites.  It made me think of the the things I haven't covered, including the temperature changes in the area where the restaurant will be located, and choosing a site.  I was going to include google earth but our district blocks access to that.
I also have some a link for a balance sheet for integer adding and subtracting as well as tutorial.  I included a website about volume of a rectangular prism for finding out how much they will have to cool and heat a room.  This way they can decide on the type of system to get for their restaurant.
I fixed some descriptions in the useful links area.
Still more to do, like the reflection.

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