Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Reading Reinventing Project-Based Learning

In chapter 1 I focused on the thoughts that the curriculum is taught through the project and it is not a side activity.  When reading about the blogs, not one seemed to have a mathematical focus.  I need to go back into and browse their library of project ideas. 
In my head ideas are flitting around about the kids somehow doing a project on fractions, but I want it to be something that makes sense as a real problem.
This chapter also discusses the isolation of teachers.  I find our precious planning time is filled with many other things aside from planning curriculum.  I do enjoy collaborating but we don't have time.
I like the idea of sharing and reflecting with other teachers.  I think it would be nice if we could watch each other once in a while during our prep periods.  It would work well with certain teachers, but harder with those whom I don't have trust in.
I need to try or for an online community.

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