Saturday, October 30, 2010

Project ideas

I did look on some of those sites but did not see something specific to math, technology and assessment.  I will look further.
I talked to Dr. J about project ideas and purpose for this week.  I need to complete pages 67-74 in the text.  Big ideas for this week are complete project sketch and asset map as well as focus on the big ideas that I want to cover in my math class.  I want to review the 3 focal points and make sure I touch on all of them.
As a project idea, we discussed a restaurant unit.  I did this about 15 years ago in a class I was long term subbing in.  We brought in an architect to talk about some of the factors in design.  Some of the most squirrelly kids latched onto this project, worked constantly and had great final products.
So these are some of the factors that we talked about: area of restaurant, carpeting/tile, paint(surface area), scale drawings, volume of drink containers, cost of materials, cost of food, menu, sign design, storage, air-conditioning/heating in cubic feet, and people capacity.
For the technology aspect we talked about Google Earth to look at the location of a place, Google Sketch for sign design and possibly layout of the restaurant, digital camera use to take pictures of different restaurants as they scope out what they like and dislike about places.
In my own class I am thinking I want to get through the basic skills first and then use this project and others to solidfy the skills and anchor them in real life practice.

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