Saturday, October 23, 2010

Previous journal entries 9/26- Oct 15th

9/29/10 The first step for me is setting up this site on my web page.
I will then look into sites such as edutopia for descriptions of project based learning.
10/5  ESD Fall Conference at SOU  8 am to 4 pm
    The theme of the conference was PBIS and RTI which involves assessment.  The keynote speaker and person I watched for two sessions, Myron Dueck,
talked about ways of assessing and grading that enhanced motivation and effort.  He made clear arguments for why he does what he does, and it makes sense to me.

One thing I want to include into the grading structure of my math classes are in-completes rather than zeros.  Then the student has no option but to turn in the work if they wish a grade in the course.  This is more of a motivation for high school but we can use it with our grade accountability sheets.
I am hoping that kids will at least look at the problems once this way.

The other thing that I will incorporate, starting today with a quiz I returned, is letting kids do make up tests and breaking the tests up into sections so kids can clearly see which section they need work on.  Kids already seemed excited by this prospect.  And isn't that just what I want?
I really felt I got a great deal of useful, pertinent, and timely information.

10/8 The State of Jefferson Math Conference 8 until 3:30 pm.
This was wonderful information on the new scoring guide for problem solving work samples.  Grades 3-8 need to have at least one recorded problem solving work sample.  New legislation allows high school students to meet their requirements either through passing the OAKS test or by passing two work samples with 4's.   We discussed in detail how to score the problem solving so I feel more confident about what I am doing.

This conference really reinforced my focus on problem solving with math this year.  I am glad of the Thinking About Math Course I took in June.  The conference also showed me strategies for sequencing the sharing of students problems.

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